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Tuesday , 28 March 2017
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Nova Launcher Prime Crack Free Downlaod

Nova Launcher Prime  Crack Free Downlaod

Nova Launcher Prime Crack Free Downlaod

Nova Launcher Prime android is built in a way that allows “core” portions of the operating system to be replaced with applications written by a third party. That is, someone not the manufacturer, or Google itself. Nowhere is this more evident than the various Launcher (or Home) apps you’ll find in Google Play. The user-facing portion of the operating system — the home pages, the widgets, the application drawer and the icons — can be replaced in one fell swoop.

This is a good thing because chances are once you get a few Android fans together, you’ll likely see a big difference in the way they want their phones and tablets to look, act and feel. Inevitably,Nova Launcher gets mentioned.


There are good reasons for this. Nova Launcher is one of those gems that works right out of the box but has almost endless options to customize pretty much all of it. As a basic Launcher or Home replacement, you have the home screens to place shortcuts and widgets on, icons to represent all of your installed applications, and a drawer to hold them all. If you don’t like the way your home screens and app drawer look on the phone you bought, you can install Nova Launcher and replace it all with one install. And it will all just work.

How to install Nova Launcher Prime:

  • Uninstall previous version of Nova Launcher Prime.
  • Install both of the apks given in the archive.
  • Launch nova launcher.
  • now use this app.
  • Enjoy.

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